Using custom scales with the ‚scales‘ package

Maybe you already heard of the package “scales” - and if you didn’t hear about it, you might have used it without knowing (e.g., in the context of ggplot2 graphs). I want to show you a few of the functionalities of the “scales” package. I will also show you how to create your own scales. There are several possible reasons why you might want to use these: Automatically create axis labels that show percentages (0.

How I started a blog based on blogdown: A walkthrough

After a long time of running my blog on, I finally wanted to move it to a solution that’s better suited for the kind of contents I am posting. Namely, that’s content related to R and everything you can do with it - from analyzing large datasets to technical details or benchmarking stuff. For me, it sounds really logical to blog about R with R (with the help of RStudio).


Please visit for more R-related blogs. It’s a wonderful resource for everything related to R, statistics, visualizations, and more!

Rcrastinate is now based on blogdown

Well, hello there! I moved Rcrastinate to a blogdown-based solution now. With this, I can use all the fancy stuff that comes with R Markdown documents. I’m happy that you’re here. You can still access my older posts over at